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    Natalie is based in Cambridgeshire and covers the east of England. Like us, animals too can suffer from back, neck, pelvis and musculoskeletal problems. The McTimoney technique works by re-aligning and rebalancing the musculoskeletal system, restoring health and movement soundness and performance.
    Natalie uses a combination of the McTimoney technique and Sports massage, which really compliment one another. Equine sports massage uses a combination of massage, stretching and other hands on techniques to relieve tension and muscle spasms.

  • Treatment Process

    History – As much history will be taken as possible, looking at the animals past and existing conditions, exercise regime and management programme. This will create a full picture of the animal and will identify possible factors that may be contributing to muscle soreness or misalignments.

    Assessment of gait – the horse will be observed statically and in both walk and trot. Any abnormalities, asymmetries, deviation in gait will be observed. The horse may be required to be ridden or lunged.

    Treatment – Natalie will first palpate the whole horse, before beginning any adjustments or massage. Once treatment commences the horse can often be seen to be licking and chewing in response to the treatment. Natalie will advise the handler throughout the treatment, to make them aware of what areas she is working on and what is being identified.

    Aftercare – Specific aftercare will be provided after each treatment, in relation to exercise, rest and management. The important factor is that the treatment will initiate the healing process, and the horse’s innate intelligence will respond to the changes. Follow up treatments are recommended for maintenance purposes, if it is a specific problem, then a shorter period of time will be advised.

    #Contraindication to treat# If the horse has under gone a fall, accident and/or is lame, the animal must be see by a veterinarian before any treatment is undertaken. Like wise if the horse currently has any infection, virus the horse may not be treated.

  • Myofascial Release (MFR)

    Fascia is the connective tissue of the body. The living matrix (net) provides the body's shape and determines the form of each cell, tissue, organ, muscle, ligament. Etc.

    How does the fascia become injured? - nervous tension, injury, overuse, cooling down/ warming up too quickly, incorrect shoeing, poor nutrition, poor fitting tack, unbalanced rider, fatigue and rushed training. Trauma to the fascia such as acute inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create restrictions in fascia, that can result in pain response, change in behaviour, reduction in range of motion.

    The many benefits of Myofascial Release (MFR):
  • Back In Action Practitioner

    • Mctimoney Practitioner: Natalie Westgarth

      About Natalie:Natalie has always been passionate about animals from a young age and always wanted a career with animals.
      Natalie was an active member of the Essex Hunt North Pony Club and the Foresters Riding Club. Participating in all disciplines and was a regular member of the Foresters area teams.
      Natalie focused on her dressage career from an early age, and still actively competes her horse Smartie at Advanced Medium, which makes her aware of the benefits from regular treatments, to enhance performance and maintain overall heath and well-being.

      Mctimoney Practitioner: Natalie Westgarth

      Education: Natalie attended Writtle Agricultural College, Essex, where she received an Honours degree in Animal Science, before going on to complete the Equinenergy body worker course in 2007.
      Natalie was encouraged by former tutor and fellow McTimoney practitioner Sue Tracey to undertake the McTimoney animal manipulation course.
      Natalie is a fully qualified member of the McTimoney Animal Association and IEBWA. All members are required to maintain their level of expertise by underrtaking continuing professional development.

  • Contact me

    Equine Back In Action
    Natalie Westgarth Msc, Bsc (hons), EBW
    Two Trees, Church Street, Woodhurst,
    Cambridgeshire PE283BN

    Telephone: 07792 577270

  • Sports Massage

    • Mctimoney Practitioner: Natalie Westgarth

      Equine sports massage is a therapeutic application of hands-on technique for the purpose of increasing circulation and range of motion as well as improving the horse’s stamina and overall performance. Sports massage also relieves muscle spasm and tension and enhances muscles tone.
      Overuse, over stretching and overloading muscle can cause tissue damage, which can lead to restriction in motion.

  • McTimoney Animal Manipulation:

    • Mctimoney Practitioner: Natalie Westgarth

      The technique was created my John McTimoney in the 1950s, he then modified his human chiropractic technique to apply specifically to animals.
      The treatment used is a holistic treatment, which means we treat the animal as a whole, rather than just looking at one area of the body. This is because the skeletal and muscular systems are interrelated.
      The treatment used is non invasive and relatively gentle. The adjustments used are short, high velocity adjustments, which concentrate on speed and accuracy, rather than force. No tools or equipment are used in the treatment, only my hands are used for analysis and for any adjustments.

      Mctimoney Practitioner: Natalie Westgarth

      The treatment can be used to help relieve pain and restore movement after they suffer an injury, such as a fall, collision or accident. Although problems can also be caused such as poorly fitting tack, incorrect foot balance or rider imbalances.

  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage
  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage
  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage
  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage
  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage
  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage
  • McTimoney Practitioner and Horse Sports Massage